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Hello my dears! As you are reading this post, I’ve probably arrived in London. I’ll be spending the weekend here and on Monday I’ll be back home, just in time to prepare my yearly tradition of baking my special cookies for the Christmas table! I do this every year with my little cousin. She’s only 12 and a half years old and I just hope that someday she’ll look back and remember these fun times as I don’t see her a lot over the week… she’s with school and I’m also busy with work, blog, the house, etc… Anyway, here is the blog post you’ve been waiting for! My review on the trip I took to Barcelona on the 6th of December, where I stood for 5 lovely days.


The time I visited Sagrada Familia, the famous landmark was under construction. I seem to have this “luck”, huh? 🙂


Obviously, it’s a must see when going to Barcelona. As well as the “singing fountains” …as I recall, the “show” starts quite late in the night. But the nightlife in Barcelona is crazy… so many things to do, so many things to see… beaches during the day, restaurants and clubs during the night… It’s quite crazy how life passes there. But although you may think you’re in a rush, well, the speed is not that accelerated.

It’s a lovely city, a bit too full for my taste, but you should take a weekend there. The plane fairs are cheap, the hotels are quite affordable… beaches are close by and you will stumble upon some really nice food !


I seek the greatest offers…. I always save a lot of money on these things cause, in my opinion, you go to a place for fun, sightseeing and shopping, so there is no need to spend a fortune ( at least not at my age), on 5 stars hotels or expensive flights. To tell you the truth I spent about 36 € (yes, you are reading it right) on the plane tickets and about 90 € the hotel room for 4 nights. I stood at Hotel Medium Abalon, close to the metro station Sant Pau-Dos de Maig  It wasn’t the best of hotels, but it was ok – clean and tidy, except for the bed which had a very bad mattress that hurt my back a little and the fact that I could hear everything through the walls, but besides that, no problem! Here are some more pictures I’d like to share with you guys from my trip.

What I wore:

– Zara booties, pants and poncho

– H&M bag

Taking the Montjuic teleferico is quite fun and I recommend it ! Sometimes you’ll find quite the queue, but I think that you can definitely go in the morning and it will be free.

You can either do this quite fast in a weekend or take about 5 days to visit everything and also to hit the beach ! I went twice to Barcelona and the second time it was in summer, so super hot, lovely beaches outside of the city and great water. A beach I would recommend is Platja de Sitges.


I think that, if the opportunity arises, I would love to go back to Barcelona and enjoy more beach time.


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