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Argan oil based cosmetics

Hello everyone,

I hope your Saturday started well and because you know how much I love weekends now ( for the simple fact that I have more time to indulge myself with some products and have like a #metime moment), I wanted to share with you some awesome products based on argan oil.

Beside the ingredient's culinary features, argan oil is well known for nourishing proprieties, treating acne, healing skin infections, protecting the skin from sun damage and also having anti-aging proprieties as well. As you probably know, it's a great product to help your hair grow !



So let us start with hair growth directly as I know most of you are super interested to learn more about the topic and also what product I have chosen to recommend.

I thought it would be more than accurate to share with you this awesome mask from Dr. Santé that has an intensive care towards your precious hair.

It regenerates the hair on its length, hydrating it in depth and it restores hair to its natural and healthy appearance. All of this while also helping your hair grow.


Coming up is one of my favorite products for hair, body and face. The Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is one of the products that I have constantly in my bathroom ( and that I use quite frequently ). It's a multi-purpose dry oil with precious botanical oils ( argan oil being one of them, of course) that nourishes and repairs without leaving that sticky sensation most oils do.

It's definitely a product that I recommend and I'm sure you're quite familiar with it as it's well known. But for those of you who didn't yet tested it, well, you simply HAVE TO !


Staying in the more 'oily' products, here I present to you the Delia Cosmetics face& neckline serum ( with argan oil, obviously 😁).

As I mentioned earlier, argan oil has anti-aging proprieties and thus, this serum offers a rejuvenating effect to the skin, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, and prevents their formation.

Results are visible from a first application so it's definitely a product that you'd like in your beauty drawer.


I think there are still people who don't use face creams and just go for natural oils, so for those people out there, I'd like to recommend the organic argan oil lavender flavor from Saloos's bio pressed oils range.

What does it do ?

- regenerates and hydrates

-beautifies and smoothes imperfections

-revitalizes and slows down the skin aging process

-leaves the facial skin soft and silky

It's natural, so no chemicals xo

I really hope you have enjoyed my little article and I hope you have learned a thing or two about argan oil and its benefits. There are many more products based on argan oil at Notino, I just selected my favorites in this here article.

I wish you a great weekend and 'see you soon' :)


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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