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An Yves Rocher Christmas

Good evening everyone,

I hope you had a lovely Monday. Probably your day was busy, as was mine… but now I’m finally home and enjoying some me-time for once. I find myself captured by the mesmerizing scent of Yves Rocher‘s ‘First Snowflakes’ collection, a special Christmas edition, alongside ‘At The Heart of Pine Trees’, ranges that we discovered in exclusivity during the Christmas event in October.

The event was so lovely, all Christmasy like even though we were just at the end of October. There was a giant snowball and beautiful holiday decorations all over. Besides that, we got to do three workshops, a sewing class, a planting workshop and one where we learned how to reuse our advent calendars 🙂 .


My personal favorite was the sewing class, even though I didn’t know anything about sewing with a machine, someone was there to help and guide us through. We were actually making Christmas stockings so Santa would have even more place to drop presents 😉 .

I really like the way Yves Rocher thinks of every detail and comes up with new ideas on how to reuse and recycle the things that we already have. The concern towards its environmental footprint and nature have always fascinated me and educated me to be even more conscious when making decisions that would impact the planet, because even the smallest gestures count !


Yves Rocher’s CEO, Guy Flament was there as well and after a touching speech, he planted a little pine tree – such a nice moment.

I have so many splendid pictures that I took during the event, the setting was so nice and cozy ( again a detail that Yves Rocher takes into consideration while hosting an event). The same consideration their products – not only do they pay attention to the ingredients that they use while producing these products, but they also take into consideration the packaging of the products – using only eco-friendly packs and products, the recyclable bottles are made from recycled plastic for their limited editions, cardboard from sustainably managed forests for their ready-to-offer kits and even perfume boxes made from our own recycled waste, demonstrating a firm commitment to packaging and less waste.


Today, a part of the First Snowflakes collection is under my tree and I didn’t wait for Christmas to use the products 😉 🙂 – a great gift idea? Oh, yes !

Also, their make-up collection is also in the festive vibe !

So yes, Yves Rocher is an amazing brand with a lot of products to cover every need.. a committed brand to beauty and nature, a brand that I enjoy discovering each time and I just can’t wait for 2020 to see what’s new !

Thank you for going through the article and I hope you have enjoyed it !

Until next time, I wish you a fab day !




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