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Good morning lovelies,

Lately I feel I’ve been riding an endless carrousel of work ( and fun too ofc), that didn’t quite made me realize  time passing so quick… I just wake up Monday and then, before I know it, it’s Sunday and so on… Next year I’m gonna be 30 and I’m like, where did everything pass? It’s crazy ! And then I think sad facts like getting older, my mom getting older … everyone.. and it’s just sad. Our lives are just so short on this Earth.

And here I am again, for the billionth time, back with a new outfit post ! 🙂

Today I have something beach wise…

What I wore:

  1. Bohemian in Heels romper

  2. Zara hat and bag

  3. Supertrash espadrilles 

Really hope you like this little beach look that I mixed out super quick !

I’ll be back tomorrow with more fashionable things 😉



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