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All about dresses and moto jackets

Hi guys,

Looks like the weekend has started and although you know I always like to share formal looks and everything, I thought today’s look should be more daring, more edgy so I’ve mixed this brilliant dress from Every Pretty with a moto jacket from Zara. The look is daring and I totally love how my Sacha Shoes  really managed to put the look together. They are also in that edgy vibe and although my YSL clutch is normally an elegant one, I’ve managed to “turn” it so that it works with the look.

Springtime is always about leather jackets and dresses so this is a post to show you how I wore my pieces.

Btw, here’s the YouTube video, in case you were wondering 🙂

What I wore:

– Every Pretty dress ( find it here)

– Sacha Shoes pumps ( find their selection here

– Zara moto jacket

– YSL clutch 

– Rings& Tings necklace ( find it here)

– Irresistible Me ponytail ( find yours here)

Sorry for the hand always in my hair, but the wind was blowing and my baby hairs were just going crazy ! I don’t really like using a lot of product on a daily basis for my hair, so leaving it natural and all has its downfalls :).

Luckily my Irresistible Me ponytail saves me from a lot of trouble hahaha!

Hope you liked the look, guys!

See you tomorrow 😀




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