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Adio Cellulite !

So I want to do a quick post on this wonderful product I have for 3 weeks now! I woke up today and found myself looking in the mirror ..I’ve noticed that this gel I’ve been using really has results on my awful back skin.Yes, although I weight only 48kg, I do love to eat everything I want and so I have cellulite, now more than ever I want to get rid of it cause it’s the summer season and I wear shorts, and swimsuits.. Anyway..I don’t do alot of exercises( just 20 min of jogging and a few squats now and then), but this product is really great! I’ve purchased it from Romania,but I can see in the back that it is made in Israel. I can’t rememner the price but when I do go home, I will buy more! I don’t trust normally in these products cause I think the best way to deal with this problem is to do sport and eat healthy, and also I’ve tried so many products, but this one is for sure! I’m on the 3rd week and you can see the results! It has a lot of caffeine and a thermal effect,plus it leaves your skin as soft as a baby’s


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