Addictive Elements

Hello sweeties!

I just had to take a quick brake from all my store arrangements and share with you a fun outfit that I put together this morning. I wanted today’s outfit to be fun, cute and comfy, so I put on my new see-thru top from LEREN CONNOR which has some really cool colours. I like it because it’s so different from the normal day-by-day clothing. To add a twist of originality I matched a realistic butterfly tattoo from Tattoo You, a famous store that sells original designed tattoos from tattoo artists all over the world. The fact that they are temporary makes it even better, being able to try on so many tattoo designs before choosing the right one, or for the ones that like tattoos but are never decided to go for the long term ones, this store is super cool to have temporary ones for occasions or just for fun. 

I like it when things come together. The same is for outfits as well. So I couldn’t ask for more when I “assembled” the outfit this morning 🙂

Here’s a tune to get you through this super cool look:

What I wore:

– LEREN CONNOR cropped see thru top ( find the collection here)

– Zara jeans and shoes

– Urban Outfitters backpack 

–Asos corset

– Tattoo You butterfly tattoo ( find it here)

So, how do you like the look? Is it something you would wear? I wanted to add something really strong, so that’s why I had so many cuffs on. 🙂

I await your opinions in comments ❤