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AbHair. Have long hair quick and cool!

Hello, my dears! I hope you had an awesome weekend and that your new week will be easy ! 🙂 On today topic, I have something so cool to share with you guys. Now I know that you are dreaming of that long lovely hair for this summer, but it’s so hard to grow, right? And you know girls, if they have long hair, they want it short and the other way around! So, what to do? Well, the most simple and quick solution are of course, hair extensions! Personally I love the clip-ons. They don’t damage your own hair, they are quick to apply, style and even dye. Now, to find a trust-worthy site could be a bit demanding as well. Luckily for you, the bloggers can help ! 🙂

Now, I had a pair of hair extensions (clip-ons), from this amazing online site called AbHair. The prices are democratic, the quality is excellent and you have the chance to get that long hair that you always wanted!

Feeling in a “artistic mood” in a hairstylist kinda way, I thought I’d apply them on my aunt’s hair. 🙂



These are the ones I’ve used:

You can get them here .

Their site holds much more than hair extensions! They have wigs, hair accessories, ponytails, bangs and much more! So I totally recommend AbHair site if you ever decide to have a quick change of look in a healthy way (to say so). 🙂


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