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A great deal for photography lovers!

Hello again! I don’t know how many of you like photography.I ,for one, really love capturing great images of places I go…I started as every amateur,with a plane,normal camera and now I have a Sony α230 reflex camera and today I bought a great compact telephoto zoom lens to really capture those far details ! It’s a Sigma 70-300mm F4- 5.6 APO DG Macro ,that I got for a super price of 209 €! I know that it doesn’t probably sound like a great deal for the most of you,but I really wanted a telephoto lens.If you want those super quality pics,you have to get one os the telephoto family lenses..they are used even for fashion/beauty shoots..they have a macro focus included ,so you have a very clear image of your target! I’m gonna put some photo samples of what I did today..they are no super pics,but just so you get an idea !

Your great lens comes,of course with a 2 years warranty and a cute cover so you keep it safe! 🙂 If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask me. That being said,I hope I’ll get back with great quality pics for my blog now 🙂

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