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Hey sweeties,

How is your day starting ? ( or maybe ending if you’re in another part of the world… )

Mine has started good. It’s so difficult not knowing how to organize everything and how to fit everything in my schedule even though I’m working 24/7.

Sometimes it can be very dangerous to be passionate about your work because you cannot seem to stop what you’re doing. You become a workaholic. I’m afraid I’m also on the verge of becoming that as well…

Continuing the story, I also have a new outfit post for today, it’s something quite unexpected, but I’ll explain my choice of wearing a wig in a bit:

What I wore:

– Zara dress underneath

– New Look clutch

So why a grey wig? It’s just because I needed something grey in the upper part of this look as I normally had a wide corset belt, but I couldn’t find it so I opted out for this wig just to balance the grey tones in the outfit. Chromatically speaking, it’s a great choice.

I also like the way this Lookbook Store sweater has the knot detail – just enough to see the dress underneath a tad better. They also sell on Amazon now, so you can find the buy button on their product page.

Once again, don’t forget the huge SHOPBOP Sale ! Just add EVENT18 at checkout for up to 25% off your purchases ( sale items included)

Hope you like the look and hope to see you back tomorrow for a brand new outfit post 🙂 !




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