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Hello, loves!

I don’t know how’s the weather where you are, but here there’s a polar air that really brings you the impression that winter is right around the corner, which really brings me down a little honestly… Having booked my super vacation for the month of April, looks like I’ll be staying in Brussels these winter months, so I decided to get some artificial sun meanwhile :). Will not overdo it though, promise ! 

Lately I’ve grown really found of dark colours, so it’s no surprise that the outfit I wore today is practically all black, well, with a pop of color ( the bag). Having received my package from Front Row Shop really brighten my day. Front Row Shop is a great online boutique that keeps up with the latest trends, combining great designs (from actual designers) with good prices and excellent materials. The lace hem dress that I’m wearing today was so cool that it ran so quickly out of stock ! Luckily you can go to the site and set up a notification when the dress will be available :).

Second awesome item that I’ve received today as well ( you can imagine how happy I was to receive two packages at once), is my white gold pendant from Disturbed Jewelery, an online store where Fani G., the designer and also archaeologist, brings to life beautiful handmade gold pendants such as greek ancient letters, crosses, etc. The pendants come on a cord, accompanied by a cubic zircone. 🙂

What I wore:

– PersunMall coat ( find it here)

–Front Row Shop lace hem dress ( find it here)

– Disturbed Jewelry white gold ancient greek letter ( find it here)

– Estée Lauder bag

– Sacha sunnies

– Zara booties

I feel that the necklace really completes the outfit, confirming that roughness, yet femininity that the red bag and lace from the dress gives to it.

Hope you like today’s look and thank you for visiting 🙂




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