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And a very Happy Women's Day to every beautiful soul out there !

Today it was all about you ladies and I actually spent my day with the ladies from my family - my mom, my aunt and my cousin ! I'm so happy to get along with them all so well lately and I hope this harmony will stay in our family forever :)

Also, I'm back with a new OOTD post and I'm actually super excited about this one as it touched my entrepreneurial gene - this suit from mbyM has 'powerful woman' written all over it ! The blouse is also from them and since I am actually describing everything that I'm wearing, the shoes come from Mango and the bag, of course, Prada - also a powerful brand ( an image that was no doubt built thanks to the movie ' The Devil Wears Prada'). :D

I had my entrepreneurial side awaken ever since I was a little girl... I always felt like a lonely wolf.. never with my pack. Of course, I had friends and whatnot, but professional speaking, I always felt I was different.. not wanting to stick to the usual pattern.. maybe I wanted more from life ( and I'm not referring to money here). I think that accomplishment has nothing to do with more... to be an accomplished person, you need to be happy with what you do and be driven by a crazy motivation each day, to look back and see that you've actually created something. It can easily be a hobby that you have and that fulfils you!

I already told you what I'm wearing in the first paragraph of this article, so I guess now I'll just take advantage that you are here and wish you all a marvellous week to come and lots of accomplishments !




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