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1 Martie

Hi guys !

How are you this Sunday ?

I actually added the title in Romanian, but I guess you all understood that it means 1st of March ! In Romania we celebrate the beginning Spring today and also a little thing called Martisor ( yes, you can wiki it ;) )

Anyway, it doesn't feel like Spring at all (as you can imagine), but I was courageous enough to do some pics in a Spring outfit ! If you're curious of what I'm wearing, just scroll down :D - and yes, I was very cold - my face says it all !

What I wore:

I was quite pleasantly surprised by these boots; they are quite comfy ! This coming from someone that is very difficult in finding a pair of shoes that doesn't make me blisters.

So, this would be today's outfit. Even though it's not Spring time, I thought I would do something cute and season appropriate on this occasion.

Enjoy your Sunday !




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