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Good morning beautiful people,

As you well know, I spent 2 nights in Hague. The problem was that one of those days had extremely hot temperatures and the next it was so windy and rainy that I had to part earlier for another lovely spot  in the Netherlands, so basically I didn’t see much. Just the beach part one day, but as it was super hot outside, I didn’t had much of a choice than to stay laying on a towel all day.

Secondly, I needed to work a bit as well, so enjoying Hague for real wasn’t quite possible. I didn’t even had the chance to take a picture with their tram as I wanted.

Still, I tried my best to do some pics with this lovely dress from SheIn and I do hope you’ll like them. Oh, and don’t forget to get 15% off with my code: RUX15 – 363528 is the reference.

The dress was impossible to be worn with the cut in front as the wind was blowing like crazy, so I have worn it backwards, but I think it still looks stylish, don’t you agree? 🙂


What I wore:

Hope you’ll have an amazing day and a great weekend !

I’ll be back soon with more fashionable articles 🙂




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