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It was on a Friday….

Hi lovelies,

So early bird today ! I’m pretty sure I’m gonna drive better ( still getting used to all the crowded places, bikes and scooters everywhere…plus people who don’t give a rat’s ass when crossing the street!😤Oh, and let’s not forget super shitty parkings lol). I usually have someone in my right side so it makes driving so much easier. When I’m alone I tend to stress out and panic . The best part of the day is when I get to work ! I have such nice colleagues and it’s really cool working there. I feel bad this particular gig will end on Saturday …seems that nothing good lasts forever 🙂 – except my outfit posts! These will be here forever 😂😛😝

Anyway, I had an amazing time yesterday (minus the car problem) so I’m happily waking up earlier today to bring you a cool new outfit post 🙂

What I wore:

– Dresslily sweatshirt

– Gatta tights

– Gatta skirt

– Zara boots

– Zaful camera-purse

I must admit that this is a perfect outfit for late Fall…but It’s still pretty awesome to wear it now as well. There’s a thing about the chromatic feel to this look that really attracts me.



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