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I left my heart in Havana

Hello ladies and gents,

Hope your week is going well. Mine is quite busy, as always, but filled with new opportunities, collabs and fashionable stuff! 

Speaking about fashionable things, I’m back with a brand new outfit of the day – something super cute and if you like flower prints, then this is the look for you. I managed to combine a vintage vibe with a modern twist. 

Also, I would love to introduce you to my new bag from MightyPurse ! Why is it different from the normal bags, well, it has an integrated charger for your phone :). For me that’s like vital ! 

What I wore:

– Mango shirt underneath 

– Gatta tights

How do you like the look? Would it be something you’re willing to try this winter ?

Thank you for visiting the blog and hope to “see” you back tomorrow xo




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