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Happy Valentine's Day - Gift Guide

Hello everyone,

And how is your week going? Excited yet for Valentine's Day ?

Since it's just around the corner, I thought I'd do a little gift guide for her since I know that it's not always easy when picking out gifts for the ladies ;).


I chose 2 gift sets from the perfume category and 2 gift sets from the cosmetic one. All of them are a sure win, but I just wanted to keep your choices open. And if you need more inspiration, then you should definitely check out Notino's Valentine's Day gift selection.


With a more fresh, yet sophisticated scent, here's Happy Bigaradia from Chopard for a happy Valentine ;). A citrus fragrance in a bottle with top notes of bitter orange, neroli, green mandarin and Carrot; middle notes are orange blossom, honey + jasmine sambac, and the base notes being: labdanum, cedar, patchouli and sesame. The gift box itself contains a bottle of perfume (Eau de Parfum 100ml), and a little one of 10ml with an extra travel toiletry bag for the ladies.


Still in the perfume range, we have Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey, an emblematic fragrance of the brand, here in a lovely gift set.

Other than the Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey perfume (Eau de Toilette 25ml), you have the body cream in 50ml as well. Did you know that using more products from the same range prolong the duration of the fragrance ? This would be the case here as well.

This fragrance remains one of my favorites with top notes from a duo of flowers: the rose and a lotus note. The heart notes combine a lily accord and a bouquet of fresh flowers. The scent finishes on a woody background.


I did a previous article on the benefits of Gua Sha massages for the face and the tools that you need to accomplish such a technique, so it's no wonder that this cool face care kit made it to the selection. I have to hand it to CRYSTALLOVE, they did an excellent job in putting together the gemstone facial set aka Quartz Beauty Set Rose, you have everything you need: Gua Sha Plate massage accessory, face massage roller and a Roll-on with refillable crystals 10 ml.

A perfect mix and a perfect gift idea !


I get all excited when it comes to this last gift set ! I didn't know that Notino had products from Fillerina. I remember trying their brand at a Press Day a few years back - I felt immediately in love. Don't freak out about the syringes, you don't have to inject anything ! It's just easier to apply the product directly on the wrinkle and then you can actually watch it fill up.

There are more levels of wrinkles, so be sure to document yourself before. Here in the picture you have a Grade 2 Filler Treatment. Normally you should have instructions that come with, so be sure to follow them. I tried their product on my lips as well and it does wonders ! It makes them a tad bigger even because it fills in the wrinkles :).

In any case, I totally recommend this brand and all their products ! They're truly amazing xo

Thank you for stopping by the blog !

I wish you all a fantastic week and happy shopping for V-DAY ;)


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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