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Gua Sha

Hello everyone !

How is your week starting ? It's actually a holiday here in Belgium and since I don't really have nowhere to go ( it's raining cats and dogs outside), I thought that some #metime would do wonders for my mental health, thus I'm taking the afternoon off and explore my new goodies that I've received not long ago. I know I spoke about face rollers not long ago and because gua sha stones are so related to face rollers, I thought I'd share with you my 'expertise' in the domain and tell you all about these wonders.

On that note, I'd like to mention that you can find a lovely variety of gua sha stones on the Notino website.


Gua sha is part of a Chinese treatment, with the two words actually translating ' to scrape sand' - I won't get into details of those types of treatments as for me, they are very painful and quite the bizarre thing to do to your body. I'd like to see the nice part of the gua sha stones and their face massage benefits for the skin. We use these stones to do a technical face massage that promotes blood circulation and an overall muscle relaxation.

I like using two gua sha stones and, after applying my face cream, to do technical movements (you can even find those on YouTube), but gentle ones, definitely not harming your skin ( like the original Chinese back treatment features).

I also managed to do a little selection of my favorite gua sha stones in case you'd like to discover:


Now there will be all type of stones ( and all prices for that matter as the quality may differ), but here I picked the a gua sha stone from Revolution Skincare that has quite a good price in regards to the quality.

It ensures a ensure a soothing effect and it's a jade stone :). I'd always recommend buying two so you can do the massage on both sides of your face simultaneously


I must admit, I chose this gua sha stone because it matches my face roller ( also in jade).

This one right here comes from Zoë Ayla and it is a bit more luxurious, I admit, but it still does its job.


The Crystallove Butterfly Aventurine Gua Sha Plate massage accessory, in the shape of a butterfly, definitely has a unique design, but it is created to perform gua sha massage on the face and cleavage; made from aventurine crystal, it will firm and rejuvenate your skin thanks to its virtues.

It's one of my favorites :)

If you'd like to purchase a more fuller face massage kit, then I'd recommend the Crystallove Quartz Beauty Set in Rose, containing the gua sha massage accessory plate, the facial massage roller and a roll-on with refillable crystals (10ml)


It's quite interesting to go for the full kit. I actually first bough the face roller and afterwards the gua sha stone. It would have been more logical to buy everything together :) .

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little article here and I will be back with more soon !


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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