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Hi guys,

Jeez, I totally overslept today and luckily that the mailman rang the doorbell, otherwise I would still be sleeping. My plan for today: clean the room. I still haven’t done that even though it was on my to-do list for yesterday 😦 . My room is beyond messy… it looks like a tornado passed by.

I have a new outfit as well to share with you guys and I bet you’ll adore it. I tapped into grayish tons for this one, playing with some other cold colors just to create a visually pleasant look. My cute dress comes from Femme Luxe and it’s super cool for this weather now 🙂 .

You’ll just have to scroll down to check out full details of my outfit and see exactly what I am wearing.

What I wore:

  1. Caddis Fly coat

  2. Femme Luxe dress

  3. Schutz metal boots

  4. Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bag

Hope you like the look and hope that you’ll be back tomorrow for a brand new outfit post.

Wish me luck 😉 I’m diving in my room lol



#fashioninspiration #femmeluxereview #ootdwinter #outfitoftheday


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