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Beeswax based products

Hi everyone,

I hope your day is going well. I'm actually quite excited for the coming days as weather seems to be improving. That means that I can finally start doing my content for the coming month, so 'hello, outdoors photoshoots !'. As a blogger and influencer ( though I'm not very fond of that last term), I always have to look my best, so a strict attention to beauty products is needed, hence my often comings here on the blog, willing to share with you more about my knowledge and great beauty products. That way you can always discover novelties and maybe, aspects that you wouldn't have known existed !

So today I'm back with some super cool products that are beeswax based.


Yes, regardless of what you may think, beeswax is also used as an ingredient for beauty products, not just decor or food products :)

As I previously mentioned, I have selected a few products that have a beeswax as a main ingredient ( all found on the Notino website), and let's start with probably a product that you know very well :


A lip scrub !

And this one here comes from Burt's Bees - a brand that actually specialises in beeswax based beauty products, having quite the selection on Notino. I find the lip products the most common when it comes to this particular ingredient, because it's very nourishing. The lip scrub is no exception. It has very high efficiency and great rating amongst its clients.

It's also 100% natural, so you will be delighted to have an amazing product that leaves your lips as smooth as silk !


Another lovely product that I'd like to mention here is the Secret Key Snow White - it's a whitening cream that will unify your complexion. It's great for when you have pigment spots.

It's also beeswax based, of course. :)


And since we're speaking about skin flaws, I'd also like to include this complexion stick, also from Burt's Bees, that has a great efficiency rate for people suffering from skin problems such as acne.

It's very easy to use and the small compact design makes it great to carry in your bag at all times.


You may not know this, but there are even make-up products that have beeswax as an ingredient. One such product is the Bobbi Brown Morag Myerscough lipstick.

Because of the beeswax ingredient, the lipstick is has a rich texture that is both nicely pigmented and nourishing. I personally don't like lipsticks that tend to dry your lips, so for me, this lipstick is AMAZING !


And to end the selection with something for your body - here we have a nourishing effect baby bath and body oil - which yes, it's a baby product, but since a baby can use it, so can you ! I personally think that baby products are even more carrying for your skin. If you think about it, they offer a grater attention when concluding a product for a baby's skin so it's even more logical if you, as an adult, will use it :).

This one comes also from Burt's Bees ( I told you they have a wide range of beeswax products), and I absolutely love it!

I really hope you liked my article on beeswax based beauty products and I hope you'll subscribe to the blog for more awesome news !


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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