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Hello, lovelies,

Hope your weekend has started well. I’m back with a brand new article about my stay at Waldorf Astoria Trianon Palace in Versailles, a hotel full of history with breathtaking architecture and a particular spa, the Guerlain Spa.


As usual, you have a short video that I put together here:

The hotel was opened in 1910, a place where royalty would retreat to enjoy the beautiful nature and surroundings. Today, the hotel prides on continuing that luxury line and hosting people from around the world who would like to have a 5-star hotel conveniently situated 20 minutes from Paris and 600m from the Palace of Versailles. It’s most definitely a nice solution for those who don’t like the rush and crowded Paris life.


On this note of relaxation and wellness, the hotel established the SPA GUERLAIN. Living up to its name, the spa features unique treatments that can be personalized according to your needs.

I was lucky enough to try the treatment ” The Secret of the Queen” ( Le Secret de la Reine) which is a full-body/face treatment. When arriving at the Spa, you are gravely greeted by the staff in the waiting room where you fill out a questionnaire so the therapist can better know you, your allergies, your soft spots etc.. of course, you must also choose the perfume that will “accompany” you throughout the spa session.

Le Secret de la Reine” is a personalized treatment so when entering the room, before starting the treatment, the therapist will check again with you the answers from the form that you filled, also asking what parts of your body/face are of more concern for you. For me, it was the back, the eyes and the fact that I retain water…


She worked her magic for a couple of hours and I must admit that my skin was feeling so much better and the massage that she gave me was quite productive, helping me to eliminate water from my system much easier. Even my dark circles were more faded than usual. I was quite happy with the result!


Plus, if you’re booking a Spa session and you are not a hotel guest, you can use the pool and sauna for the rest of the day which I think it’s pretty neat :).


Moreover, aside from The Secret of the Queen, you also have the male version of this treatment, The Secret of the King that can be quite a nice gift idea for your boss, colleague or husband. 🙂

Of course, the Guerlain products can be also purchased at the Spa reception and after the treatment, your therapist can prescribe what better works for your skin. The Guerlain products are exquisite and the masks and patches and serums that were used during my session left my skin glowing and soft. You also can choose a perfume or even cosmetic products from the brand that are available and presented at the Spa reception.


Moving forward with our story, it’s time to tell you a bit about my room at the hotel. The thing that impressed me the most was the bathroom… an amazing corner of royal architecture, with mosaic design in a bright atmosphere. The grand bathtub holds the centre of attention, as the lovely two sinks with round mirrors… a feast for the eyes.

The room itself is quite spacious with tall ceiling and vintage furniture. Here and there, a spot of modern things may occur, where the suites have all modern furniture and refurbishments. Personally, I would have loved to see only vintage furniture at least in the Deluxe rooms as I feel it keeps your mind in the past when only royalty would come to the palace and I certainly love history and to feel like at the palace 😀 .

The lobby is quite luxurious and I absolutely love the green sofa at the entrance, not to mention the amazing chandeliers that I would definitely add in rooms as well. You can also go for a stroll in the garden and even have a picnic, play ball or just enjoy a good book in the afternoon; they have some extra cute small pavilions along with the propriety.

Breakfast is awesome, the service is impeccable and of course, you have a chef on the spot to make you an omelette or scrambled eggs 🙂 . And yes, they also have hot chocolate and I was really happy !! 😀