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Hi everyone,

How are you today?

Since I decided for a while now not to wait too long after my travels to post, here I am with my article on Tunisia.

I didn’t have much time to properly visit this country as I wanted just to sleep and relax before starting a new blogging season.


On that note, I decided to take an all-inclusive trip at a 4-star hotel somewhere near Hammamet, so most of my vacation was spent at the hotel.


Let’s start with that. The hotel is called Nohza Beach Hotel and it’s part of the Vincci group.


It was rather nice as a resort and very big.. very full for that matter. The concept itself is nice, but I had a rather unpleasant experience due to bedbugs. Yup, I don’t know how, but those critters made themselves appear and I have bite marks all over my body... we lost about 2-3 days of our vacation trying to get rid of them with the help of the hotel. That was the downside of staying there. At least they provided medicine and help… and a complimentary massage that I will get into later. Even so, our vacation was kinda ruined...

They also gave us another room. A better room… a room that was the same level as ours, but on the 3rd floor so at least we had a nice view. Our first room wasn’t that nice. I even felt bad that I paid extra to have a semi-view of the sea. So I suggest you go for the normal price cause you can get tricked.

I think that in their attempt to make amends, they tried everything in their power to make our stay as nice as possible.


The hotel has a main restaurant where you can have your meals (prepare for long queues ), and two other restaurants – one Tunisian and an Italian one. I would really recommend the Tunisian one as the service was super nice and they really have interesting dishes.


The Italian one was deeply disappointing, the guy in charge was quite rude this after delivering my mom’s plate-like 20 min after mine as he forgot, they didn’t ask if we want water or at least leave a bottle on the table and the food wasn’t good at all. Neither of us ate anything… I wish we would have stuck with the main restaurant that evening.


The hotel has some very nice spots though.. the pool is very nice, the beach as well…

Speaking of the beach, I was very disappointed to see kids throwing plastic bags and paper cups in the water without having any reproach whatsoever from their parents.


Most of the hotel guests were very dirty and very ignorant towards human morals. As a result, I tried picking up plastic bags from the sea as much as I could…


As an apology gesture, the hotel gave us two massages at the SPA. Honestly, it’s a good thing they were complimentary as I think if I would have paid for them, they wouldn’t be worth it. Do a camel ride instead, it’s so much more satisfying and it’s the same price.


The hotel decoration was really nice though and the staff tried their best to do a good job of keeping the hotel clean regardless of the dirty guests.

I really loved the Tunisian bar and the decoration there. It was my personal favourite.


The only times we went out of the hotel was for the camel ride – that I totally recommend doing ! – and for the souk in Nabeul.

The camel ride was super nice at it costs only 25€ per person ( transport included). It lasts just a couple of hours, but the person in charge, Ali was super nice and funny.


Definitely worth it! The camels were also super cute and you can see that they are well taken cared of, unlike the camel from the beach that you can immediately detect that she is mistreated.


We even tried out some marvellous Tunisian costumes and took some pics. The house where they live is so pretty and there were even turtles there.

And now about the souk in Nabeul. From the hotel, you can take a taxi ( it’s just 10 dinars, but when we took the cab back, it cost only 8; don’t know why).

If you have nerves of steel, then I suggest going to this place. Personally, it drowned me of power and I didn’t feel so good after as the salespeople are very aggressive and trying always to trick you.

N evertheless, we got a really cute carpet at a great price ( like 3,5€), my mom managed to negotiate it and had a great price for it. I got a cute backpack and a beautiful straw bag with tissue insertion from an old lady that was making them manually. Also, we bought a dress and a matching scarf in a Tunisian design and the fabric is also pretty cool ( 12€ for both ! ). You can find a lot of lovely local products, but beware as a lot of Aliexpress products also crowd the market, the vendors trying to pass them as being made in Tunisia.


Except for the two first days, we had amazing weather. It was so lovely staying in the sun and going for a swim each day… I will definitely miss that.

It was a shame we couldn’t visit more of Tunisia as many of the roads are closed, Tunis is also to be avoided as well as other regions due to the high risk of terrorist attacks and tensioned political situation in the country.


Next time I will definitely visit Carthagena and the Tunisian desert.

So this was my little Tunisian adventure… even though it was calculated to be more relaxing, I still managed to do some pics and have some opinions about my travels in this country.


Thank you for checking out the blog and I’ll be back with more soon xo




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