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Hello sweeties,

Time is flying more than you can imagine and because distant memories fade, I thought it was time for me to write about my experience at The Ritz - Carlton Okinawa. Now the memory itself will never fade, but small details like having a welcome apple in the room or the cucumber sweet after the Spa session does, so I want to go down memory lane and describe you as much as I can.


Of course, this little video is also helpful: 

Still a fan of reading? Well, I am too. There is so much that you can capture in photos or videos...


Frankly, I wish I had a camera 24/7 while lodging at the Ritz - Carlton. Ranking to its name, the resort looks like taken out of a fairytale, one where there are no dragons or bad guys, just an infinite oasis of calm and serenity, where, even when it rains, you still can chill (at the interior swimming pool or better yet, booking a Spa day).


Why choose Ritz-Carlton Okinawa?


Besides the prestige that comes with, the marvellous architecture and well thought through details, you have the undying attention of the staff… they are magnificent!


They bring value to the customers, from the valet, housemaid to the general manager, everyone is constantly involved in making guests feel welcomed and taken care of.


Personally, you can have the most luxury hotel of them all; if the people aren’t properly attended to, it’s for nothing. As I am a big fan of Asian hospitality, I was happy to see it thrive at this resort and through this, I would love to thank everyone there for doing an amazing job.


The hotel has been designed as a shrine, beautiful clear blue water pools surrounding the premises – a sight for the mortal eye.


Speaking of royalty features, the scales for the roof as well as the white stone used to build the hotel come from the same place as the ones used for the royal castle in Okinawa.

As in the Japanese culture, the design is minimal, yet luxurious. I would personally describe the resort as a peaceful escape in nature, where you can still enjoy the modern amenities of everyday life like high-speed WIFI, TV, etc. If I wasn’t there to try to capture everything in, I would have probably laid down my phone and just enjoy a day by the pool or just that amazing Jet Bath right next to the indoor swimming pool. I did try it, of course, but not "phoneless"🙂

And now let’s talk about the food at the resort. Another very important matter when it comes to choosing a place to spend your holiday. 

"Breakfast is most important to us; we want to make sure everything is perfect", the assistant manager says. Obviously, it’s how you start your day that matters most, right?


And they did an excellent job mixing out Asian specialities and western ones. A perfect balanced mix as from my « western » part. I loved it! They even have hot chocolate, my favourite. 🙂

Other than that, you can also grab lunch and of course, dinner… oh, dinner!… what a delight! Their chefs are extraordinary. Me saying that is big as I’m so difficult with food and I don’t just eat everything. In my lifetime I have had the opportunity to try out some high-end restaurants with fine dining from French delights to famous worldwide known chefs, but Ritz from Okinawa, oh, you just have made it to the top!


Japanese beef is a must-try. Preferably, you can cook your meat on a hot stone ( just to be sure you have it medium rare or well done).


The menu is various and of course, vegetarian readers, you also have what to choose from. You even have 3 different restaurants, with 3 cuisines. Honestly, I absolutely loved the Italian/Okinawa cuisine, combining the best from the two worlds. But I will go into detail on a separate article because it’s so much to write on their food, they deserve a special article.


Room wise, you have a spacious place, with ingenious design and everything you need. Of course, you can choose from different types of settlements. I also had the chance to visit the most prestigious of them all, the Ritz-Carlton Suite. Tip: if you’re looking for ultimate luxury, then get that one! It has a Jet Bath with a view on your room’s terrace. I won’t even tell you about the bathroom (I’ll do better; I’ll show you below).

Ours was the Deluxe room… huge beds, fancy bar and a bathroom dream. Now the bath is placed next to the window (no worries, there are no unwanted viewers outside as the window unfolds a magnificent view on nature and the resort itself is conveniently positioned far away from the city).


A relaxing bubble bath is mandatory. Plus, you also have a cool shower if you are not the bathtub type.

Two separate sinks and a bathroom full of amenities like shower gels, body lotions, mouth water, toothbrush, hairbrush… should I go on? 

Now back to that thrilling Spa again… I’m a big fan of Spas, especially massages and travelling a lot to Asia these last few years made me discover a whole new massage world. I think the best ones were in the Philippines, but the Spa at Ritz-Carlton Okinawa has shown me a few new « moves ».


They don’t have a masseuse, they have a therapist, that meaning you are trusting your back (and body) with a professional person that knows where to do what and that is trained to make you feel relaxed and release tension from your body. It’s what I have experienced while trying one of their treatments.


As a big plus, you can go and enjoy the coral sauna room, an exclusive concept that you can have only in Okinawa. It’s quite pleasant as a feeling as it’s not exhausting like other saunas are.