– Wedding season –

Hello, everyone!

For some people (especially couples), summer equals the wedding season… that one special moment when everything has to be perfect. Now, I’m no expert on weddings ( actually been to one or two in my entire life), but I do know this: it all starts with a proposal accompanied by a ring, of course :). Which got me thinking: is there a wrong ring? I mean, does it really count? Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? 

Asking myself all those questions, and without sounding materialistic and superficial, I would say YES, it does :). I think it’s rather important to know that you will have the perfect ring to wear the rest of your life. ( not counting the divorces, lol).

So, in my search for the perfect wedding/engagement ring, I’ve stumbled upon so many online jewellery stores, like David Yurman, TacoriBlue Nile or My Jewelry Box who have a beautiful collection of diamond engagement rings that will make any lady’s eyes light up. . (no, it’s not Tiffany, but it’s just as good ^^). You can find all sorts of beautiful jewelry like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc at reasonable prices.

Here are some of my favorite picks on engagement rings:


They are fabulous and just the thought of having a beautiful piece of jewelry like that makes my heart beat faster ^^. I am, above all, a female Scorpio, so you can totally understand that my head turns every time I see something shining bright like a diamond.On my list of favorite wedding bands, I would prefer these:

Diamonds are forever

I saw on their sites that the reviews were good and so I thought I’d recommend these stores to you as well. 🙂 They really have head-turning rings over there, so I’m sure that you’ll find something you like for your wedding/engagement or even if you want to make a special gift for someone special ;).

Thank you so much for reading my blog and I’ll be back with a brand new post asap.