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Room updates

Hey guys,

So as you all may know by now, I have moved into a new apartment and I had to renovate and find new furniture…well, you know, the works.. and since a lot of you were asking about how my room came out and everything, I thought I should do a step by step “making of my room”. Because the video is taking an awful lot of time to do, I thought to already show you a little detail of my room that I love so much, namely this beautiful chandelier from LightintheBox that I completely love and it’s one of my fave pieces that I have in there.

I also did a step-by-step “how to fix your chandelier” video on YouTube below. Even though it’s easy, I think that I couldn’t really done it myself without my hubby putting it together and everything:

It’s a very beautiful piece and I’m always so worried that it will break! Cause my neighbor who lives upstairs has a kid and he’s always jumping in the room and my chandelier is always moving around…but until now it didn’t seem to fall apart or anything, so I think it’s quite solid.

The design is simply spectacular and am in love with all the bling it gives my room.

I’ll be sure to post some more room pics soon! 

But until then, you can enjoy these 🙂



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