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Hi sweeties,

I can already feel this is going to be a long article. Actually, it could have been longer, but I thought I’d do a different article for the hotel that I stood in during my trip to Mexico, Hotel Catalonia Playa Maroma, so I really hope you do enjoy.

This past Christmas, we actually wanted to go to Cuba, but then Irma beat us to it, so we were “stuck” with Mexico. It wasn’t the bad kind of “stuck”, because I actually adored Mexico and I was quite happy to have chosen this destination.


As I worked a lot last year, I needed some time to breathe so I chose to go on a normal “touristy” trip, an all-inclusive, like old people. We didn’t feel like doing an itinerary or plan something big and complex, so voilà. I went online, booked the whole thing and went on our lovely trip.



So what to do when in Cancun? We actually had the hotel like maybe 30min from the airport, so we were a bit stranded (which, again, was a good thing for me, but just so you know not to expect much city life there). We did book some tours.

Of course, the thing to see when in Mexico (and that part especially) is Chichen Itza. I recommend going early in the morning so you can take some nice pictures and really enjoy the area without so many tourists.


As the second part of our trip to Yucatan, we visited also an amazing cave with an indoor “swimming pool” lol. It’s super cool that the region has so many of them.. you literally don’t know which to pick.


We went with Tui and they took us to one that is exclusively theirs ( to say so). There we even tasted some local cuisine and afterwards, when going into the cave, a shaman did a little spell so we would be “protected” against evil spirits.

Oh, and before that, we actually visited a little village in the area that was quite emotional, knowing that the local’s kids can still be abducted by animals who live in the forest.


Even though there was poverty around and no iPhones or Internet, I still could feel that they were happy with what they had…


I usually don’t buy souvenirs or just the regular for my friends & family, but Mexico is the IT country to buy souvenirs.. they are amazing and personally, I found the best prices in Isla de Mujeres. I bought so many cool things.. I was super happy!

Island wise, we visited two of them. Isla de Mujeres and Contoy Island. The first one is more touristy… it was quite crowded when we visited. But the streets are amazing and not to mention the shops that have really cool local made stuff.

Contoy Island is one that is not inhabited. There is also a strict rule of “no sunscreen” so you don’t disturb the biosystem.


There are just the marine biologists who live there and it’s quite a nice island to visit. Also, there are a lot of birds so it’s truly amazing to see a bit of wilderness… Plus, there you can find a small museum, but I missed out on the tour cause we went exploring in the forest and found an amazing spot.


I really loved this island, the total opposite of Isla Mujeres where it’s super crowded. Def a must-see when travelling in the region.


I didn’t go to Cancun city as I felt I had enough “city” from Brussels…I really wanted to do a nature-focused vacation.

So I did :).

Hope you like the photos and will be back with more intel of my other trips.


Do email me if you have any questions.

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