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Hello, sweeties!


So, as promised, I’m “keeping my end of the bargain” and today is the chosen day of the week when I share with you, guys, bits of my summer adventure. Today I’m writing about Greece and it’s beautiful landscapes. 


I must admit that I’ve only visited so little of Greece, but the scenery I’ve seen, well, I just fell in love with. You all know that I’m a sucker for sea&sun, so this time it wasn’t any different while I’ve visited this lovely country where everything is so beautiful... so many wild places, so many wonderful landscapes…



I went to Greece by car, that wasn’t the best way to go, but being close to my country, I thought it would be a blast to have a feel trip. Little I knew that this move would cost me a few hours in a police station, due to a car accident, but I survived and everything and everyone was ok in the end, so let’s not ruin the story :).

First stop was at Thessaloniki, where I stood the night in a cute hotel ( Hotel El Greco), that wasn’t that expensive and it was well situated in the town, that btw, it was the most crowded town I’ve ever seen in my life and the traffic was… unbelievable!

Capture d’écran 2020-06-24 à 12.29.39.

 – Greek sunset-

Capture d’écran 2020-06-24 à 12.31.49.

Anyway, in the morning I headed out to Thassos, a beautiful greek island that completely blew me off my feet. You’ve probably seen pics of me from there from my “Thassos love” post. Well, now, I’m going to show you more scenery pics.

Well, now, I’m going to show you more scenery pics.

So, these are some pics from the vacation in Greece. In Thassos, I stood at Malini, a cute hotel right beside the port. It wasn’t that high class or anything, but just for sleeping and taking a shower, it was ok, as prices on the island are significantly higher than the rest of Greece. I even did a little photoshoot here.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post and do stay tuned for next week’s travel post. This time we’re travelling back to Budapest.


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