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I finally got the chance to publish my post about my lovely trip to Croatia. I guess I can’t add up everything into just one post, so I think I will do several so I can share with you guys photos and more detailed comments of my journey and plus I have visited multiple places that are mandatory to speak about! ^^ So here you have some photos from Zadar, the centre and “capital” of the Dalmatian region in Croatia. I would characterize it as a town mainly focused on tourism. You can go there to have some peace and quiet.. a gateway from your daily routine and problems.

As the whole trip was quite long and so much information was stored to be shared, I invite you to check my other two posts about my adventure in Croatia, here and here.



recommend renting a car to visit the whole area and plus, you can also pass by ferry to visit the islands nearby.

What I wore:

– Bershka shoes and dress

– Mango purse

– W.E. leather jacket

– Dolce Gabbana sunglasses (that I lost lol)

Yes, I lost my sunglasses during my trip :(. As in life, you always have the good and the bad. Sadly, sometimes I am not able to deal with problems and I let them get to me. I think I “feel” the good moments with the same intensity as I feel the bad ones…

Anyway, this is my first post of a little trilogy of my trip to Croatia.

Stay tuned on my blog for more :). Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram (which are over 1100 now and I thank you for that!) have already seen cool photos from my voyage. ^^

Some other photos from Zadar’s city centre. Such a beautiful and lovely city that it’s just worth your visit, especially if you’re looking for a quiet place…and FAB sunsets!


Ok, loves... I must go and sleep now cause I’m so very tired … Hope I will have more time to write 🙂

I am curious: would you also want to go on a vacation in Croatia? 😀


Good evening everyone,

I had such an amazing day and even though it’s Sunday evening, I still have enough force to finally write an article about my 4-day experience in Croatia this December.

Now, this is not the first time I’m visiting this magnificent country, but it is the first time that I’m visiting Zagreb, Croatia’s northwestern capital and one of the most beautiful places to spend your Christmas in.

Being the largest city in Croatia, Zagreb distinguishes itself with beautiful Austro-Hungarian architecture, great food and welcoming people.


On this occasion, we have visited the Christmas markets in Zagreb that now make the city a must-visit during holiday season.

The city is so beautiful and as a tourist you have a lot to see mainly in walking distance or by taking public transports, everything being quite accessible.

Besides Zagreb, we also visited Plitvice Lakes National Park that I have already seen in 2013 and that remains as beautiful as the first time that I have visited it. You can see more pics in my article here. 

TThere are a lot of Instagrammable places all around Zagreb, but one place I liked very much interior design-wise was Caffe Bar Finijak! If you’re in the neighbourhood, I definitely advise you to visit it 🙂 .


To really dive in the Christmas spirit, the Croatians have come up with their version of Disneyland as well as they could, but just for the holidays – Salajland is not very far away from Zagreb and it’s definitely a must-see even more if you’re travelling with kids. They have their very own Santa and a firework show in the evening. A beautiful bright place I might add! 🙂

That very day ( well, evening to be more precise) ended with an amazing feast at a nearby village. Seoski Turizam has welcomed us in a lovely old villa dating from the 1900s and we had a homemade dinner, a wine tasting and many more wonderful surprises like local musicians playing and I cannot describe how at home I felt and how it reminded me of my grandparents’ village in Romania. A beautiful experience that I will surely treasure!


And to remain my in my fashion niche, know that we have visited ELFS shop, a brand established by two fashion faculty graduates in Zagreb. Their story is quite impressive and you can read more about it here.

Style-wise, I find a lot of iconic influences and some pretty amazing pieces like frilled dresses and well thought patterned skirts. Apart from that, they also have integrated decoration and even lifestyle pieces that are quite beautiful, modern and fairly accessible.


All in all, my adventure in Croatia was super!

If you have any questions about whatever, you can definitely shoot me an email or leave your comment below 🙂

Thank you for passing by on the blog again and hope to be back soon with more awesome travel posts as I have been playing hooky lately 😀 .

Have a beautiful evening!