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Hi, everyone!


I finally got the chance to publish my post about my lovely trip to Croatia. I guess I can’t add up everything into just one post, so I think I will do several so I can share with you guys photos and more detailed comments of my journey and plus I have visited multiple places that are mandatory to speak about! ^^ So here you have some photos from Zadar, the centre and “capital” of the Dalmatian region in Croatia. I would characterize it as a town mainly focused on tourism. You can go there to have some peace and quiet.. a gateway from your daily routine and problems.

As the whole trip was quite long and so much information was stored to be shared, I invite you to check my other two posts about my adventure in Croatia, here and here.



recommend renting a car to visit the whole area and plus, you can also pass by ferry to visit the islands nearby.

What I wore:

– Bershka shoes and dress

– Mango purse

– W.E. leather jacket

– Dolce Gabbana sunglasses (that I lost lol)