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Hi sweeties,

I’m at the airport in Singapore, ready to go to my next destination and I couldn’t be more anxious to just lay on the beach and just relax. Singapore was a wonderful country and even though I’ll be returning to it very soon for my Brussels departure, I think I have visited most of it. I’ll do a special post very soon with pics and everything, but until then I organized a special post for this lovely hotel that I stood in during these 3 days.


Of course, this little video is also helpful: 

Village Hotel Katong is so welcoming and my room was simply dreamy. If I were to choose again, I’ll definitely go for the Peranakan suite as this room really captured my eye from the very first time I have laid my eyes upon.

Here you have my YouTube video I manage to put together today:


Don’t be fooled though, if you want to take a private shower, it also comes with a remarkable big shower cabin and I loved that the water pressure was so good. I find it quite important to have a good shower and feel that you’re really washing yourself, you know.


Other than that, I must tell you about breakfast that was absolutely dazzling, serving quite the variety of European and Asian cuisine, so you can always find something to eat, no matter from what part of the world you’re travelling.

Something else about the hotel that really impressed me was the cleanliness, lovely smell and tidiness that was all around the hotel. 


Of course, after a long day, you can always draw yourself a bath and enjoy a quiet, relaxing evening soaking all the goodness there is… I, personally, always wanted to have a bathtub in my room, so this hotel really made my dream come true.

Have you ever heard of a Handy phone? Well, let me explain. The hotel has this awesome gadget that you can use throughout your trip! It has internet all the time and you can also call for free a few countries that are, of course, listed in the phone. So awesome, right?! It has Google maps installed and everything you need to make your trip easier to plan, even a few reductions for temple entries and so.

Anna, the concierge, told me all about it and through this way, I would like to thank her for all her patience and help!


The room design is so modern, but with Asian influences, of course. A really tide room with a big bed, absolutely everything I ever wished for.

Oh yes, I bet you just LOOOVE this mirror – perfect for taking selfies, right? It also has this “magnifying glass” smaller version of it, that is simply perfect for doing your make up.

All in all, a perfect stay, so thank you Village Hotel Katong for being so darn perfect!


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