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Hello sweeties,

Yet another travel experience passed by me without having the time to properly put it into words on my blog (now site). You probably saw lots of pictures last year from my voyage to Turkey. We even did more than that, we passed with the ferry to Greece too!


But all of that will be in another post. Now, this post is dedicated 100% to Turkey!



To be more specific, we went to Bodrum. My mom still is super excited when thinking about our nice trip. Because I was travelling with my mom, we took an all-inclusive trip, just to be more comfortable.


We stood at the Forever Club hotel and it was perfect. Great animations, awesome staff, a lot of food as the custom implies and quite the nice resort to saying so. We had only one bad thing: the air conditioning… imagine 41C and then 30C during the night. You cannot breathe! Like literally I had to sleep on the bathroom floor on the first night because it was too hot! The AC was an old one and it kept drying the air ( the air was already super dried lol).

But anyway, the heatwave settled down to the end of our trip and we could sleep easier… I also slept a lot on the beach and everywhere I could. I’m not super picky with sleeping conditions, but it’s nice to have a good bed and good air lol.


We went to the city centre… you have a long street full of shops ( and ice cream my faveee).  What to see more? Well, there isn’t much to see in Bodrum, but you can take the ferry and visit an island or just go on a jet ski adventure... I’m not the type of jet ski or water sports, but there are a lot of people who like it. Other than that, the area is one for tourists, so you can except vendors taking advantage of you as much as they can. The prices are quite affordable and you can find some cute spots downtown… or course, a lot of tourists prefer going to clubs and Bodrum has a lot of entertainment in that area :).


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