You have to Obey Your Body

Hi guys,

So this is an article I’ve been willing to write for awhile now… When it comes to my skin, I usually find a brand that I stick with ( if I like it of course), so I have been so happy ever since I found ObeyYourBody a few years back. Firstly, I got to know then while purchasing scrubs and body butters. There’s nothing more than a good body cream to make your skin feel soft and hydrated. That’s exactly how I felt when I first used ObeyYourBody, and from that moment on, I started to buy face creams, masks, treatments, etc. 

Which brings us to their new awesome collection that also features new packaging. It’s awesome. It’s like from the moment you buy it, you know this is some really quality stuff ! I love the egg shaped containers and the form of presentation. It’s like having your own Fabergé egg filled with facial care

In my video I have used the ObeyYourBody Detoxifying treatment mask, the Anti-ageing wrinkle Correcting eye cream and to finish with, my day cream from the old collection 🙂

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To sum up, I think the treatment is the most intensive treatment I’ve ever used. I mean it’s super concentrated that you can see results from using it just once. 

The eye-cream supposed to reduce wrinkles and puffiness, but that I will confirm once I’l finish it 🙂

Seems way more effective than any eye cream I’ve used. I say this because it’s very concentrated !

In any case, like the whole skin care batch from their brand, it leaves the skin highly hydrated and for me, that’s the best.

Really hope you enjoyed my little vide& review and hope that you’ll have the curiosity to try them out 🙂