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XX by Revolution

Hello everyone,

Glad to live another day with everything that has happened ( I'll do a separate blogpost on the hidden dangers of having a glass shower door so I can raise more awareness on the matter).

For now I'd like to keep a positive take on the matter and speak about positive things, like the make-up novelties from XX by Revolution ( which is actually a sub-brand of Makeup Revolution, in their attempt for a fresher, more vibrant approach ).

I wanted to do a little top 5 of products that are on my wish-list and that I hope we can discover together :)


XX by Revolution is also available at Notino if you're looking to strike a good deal ;)

Also, I'd like to highlight the fact that this is a vegan brand, which is very nice to know considering the environmental-friendly approaches we now focus more on.

First of, I wanted to share with you the liquid eyeshadow XXCHARGED , that is highly pigmented and very much fabulous ! It comes in 4 shades and it's absolutely a must-have for both seasons.

If you're not a fan of liquid/cream eye-shadow, then I also have something on my wish-list for you too ;)


I present to you colour-lovers the XXPLOSION eye-shadow/face palette that assures a long lasting effect, an intense pigmentation and 60 eye shades and 6 for your face.

It's such a great purchase, especially because you have a large choice of colours from nude to dark, pastel, shimmery ... IN LOVE with it !


Everyone loves a good concealer, that's the reason why the CONCEALXX is also part of my XX by Revolution #wishlist ! :)

It comes in 15 shades so I'd say that's a pretty cool range of shades for someone to find its matching colour.

The texture is creamy and I'd like to say here that I love the packaging of all the products from this sub-brand, including the concealer 's as well.

It promises a texture that won't highlight the fine lines and wrinkles -that's always a nice plus.


If you're a blush-lover, know that the collection has a beautiful range of blushes, in 12 shades, with a nice soft texture that gives the skin a natural colour.


And last, but not least, I'm adding the XX by Revolution FIXX BROW to my list !

Yup, there is no complete make-up without a bold eyebrow to show. It gives volume and shape to your eyebrow ( it has a very cool brush to help with that).

There is also an invisible "shade" available that I personally think could be really cool to set your eyebrows in case you're not one for the bold look.

So this was my little 5 product selection from XX by Revolution. I hope you like it and I hope that I'll read your opinions on these products as well.

Thank you for stopping by the blog and I wish you all a lovely week ahead!


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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