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Within Temptation

Hi guys,

If you’re following me on Twitter or Instagram, then you must know that the baby bird died today :'(. He refused to eat regardless of my big efforts…Hope he’s happy in bird heaven ! 

On the other side, the living one, well, as it’s the weekend and everything, I really wanted to do a special look. And because my music playlist shuffled right on an old song I love so much from The Vampire Diaries, I remembered that magic moment and the way Elena was all dressed up for the bal. Well, it happens that I have a really dressy look for you today as well, featuring this cute long dress from CNDirect

Hope you like the song & the look, the hair and the ambiance:

What I wore:

– CNDirect dress ( find it here)

– Zara sandals

– New Look clutch 

So, guess this is the look for today ! ❤

Hope you guys like it and “see” you tomorrow!

Oh, don’t forget to join the GIVEAWAY :

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