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Wild Ones

Hi guys,

I’m happy to be back home, but not so happy to switch from a perfectly sunny weather to rainy days… Luckily, I’ve managed to shoot some very cool pics of this amazing look I had in a late afternoon (before my departure, naturally). Now, I know that nose rings are really coming in trend, so I thought why not try them on. I say “them” because I got like 10 nose rings from Dresslink. They are indeed surgical ones, but I’m not planning to pierce my nose or anything, but just to try and do the center ring nose look, so I’m really just sticking them as they are. Of course that for a nose ring look, you have to go all the way to wild land. So, I’ve matched my two-piece cropped top and skirt that has a really cool print into it ( also from Dresslink), a wild hair and my Zara sandals. 🙂

This is the outcome, enjoy it with this here song:

What I wore:

– Dresslink two-piece set ( find it here)

– Dresslink nose ring set ( find it here)

– Zara sandals

– Zara clutch

So, how do you find this wild look?

Personally, I love the color blue…I love a lot of colours and blue seems to be one of them 😀

Thank you for stopping by ! 

Maybe we’ll “see” each other tonight, if not, tomorrow for sure !




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