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Wild One

Hello, loves!

I was so happy to have a little sun today, so happy that I thought I’d do a fun photo shoot featuring my new sweater palm from Mr. GUGU& Miss GO and some cool shades from Wholesale Celebshades.

So, if you’re looking for a cool, loose look with sneakers this is the one for you!

What I wore:

– Zara sneakers

– Zara leggings

– Mr. GUGU & Miss GO sweater ( find it here)

– Guess watch

– Wholesale Celebshades sunnies ( find them here ) I would love as well to share with you the words that inspired me this look. You know that I get my inspiration from everything, be it a song, the way I feel, someone from the street or even a movie!

” The happy life be these:

The quiet mind, the equal friend

No grudge, nor strife

Wisdom join’d with simplicity

The night discharged of all care “

– Surrey.

I am at the last episode of The Tudors and frankly I am and forever will be with this show. It’s too bad  it has reached its end. But nevertheless I strongly advise you to watch it. You’ll learn lots of history from it as well :).

 Stay true! 


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