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Wide White

Hello, loves!

Yes, I know it’s kinda late at night, but it’s just now that I have a little spare time to finally update my blog after almost 3 days. I say almost cause it’s not yet midnight here.  🙂

Anyway, in between my closet sale on Sunday and a little photo session I had with this awesome photographer ( she-girl from Brussels, passionate about photography with whom I had a project today that will be on at the end of the week maybe), and of course, the launch of the new iPhone, well, this little blogger even had time to shoot some cute pics late in the afternoon :).

I think I never had wide pants, so I thought to myself, why not try? Why not bring this trend to my blog? So I did. I did more than that actually, choosing a wide jumpsuit. Oh, yes I did! Bonnie M would be so jealous :D. My sexy jumpsuit is from AmiClubWear and yes, I love it ! You can style it and wear it so many ways.

Of course, to revive the old days, here’s a reminder:

What I wore:

– Amiclubwear jumpsuit ( find it here) – Zara shoes – River Island necklace – Bag from local shop in Mallorca

Yep, I dare to wear it. Would you? Of course, I styled it in a modern way ( or at least I hope so). How do you find this look? 🙂




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