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Hello again ! 

I’m super happy that the “White Baroque” look was a total hit 🙂 . Looks like my readers are as crazy fashionable as me lol! 😀

Since I would like to continue the fashion-outfit train, I thought I’d share with you tonight an absolutely stunning dress from Chicwish. You know that their boutique holds the most cute dresses and skirts, so this one is no exception! I’ve managed to match it with a pair of simple metallic sandals (that go with my little purse of course), and my cute earrings from Lovelywholesale. I still have my henna tattoo on from Kitsch so it confirms the oriental scheme of the dress.

What I wore:

– Chicwish amaze embroidered V-neck dress ( find it here)

– Schutz sandals

– Mango purse

– Lovelywholesale earrings ( find them here)

– Kitsch temporary henna tattoo ( find it here)

Hope you like the look guys ! ❤

Have a great night/morning 🙂 – depends on the country lol




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