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When is enough..ENOUGH?!

 Are the lies,insults and empty promises a daily subject in your fights?Well..either is your fault or his,the love you once shared is not there anymore..Daily argues and misunderstandings leave to insults and in some cases,much more.. You will probably fool yourself with vain hopes that probably tomorrow will be better,that he’ll change..but until when?You’ll soon realize that you have wasted time hoping for a change that will never interfere! Let’s face it – we do have the “gift” to sit around hoping and praying for miracles that will never appear..  The best way to deal with a situation like this is to impose yourself that the ” last chance” you’ll give him,will be in fact  THE LAST. So you better get together around the table and start a serious talk, be persisting and make yourself understood that this is indeed the end of the road for him if he messes up again! You have to look at the bigger have a future ahead and you do know that, with time, you’ll get over…we always do..that’s the role of forgetting.. Courage ! 😉


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