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What to wear to a garden event

Hi guys,

I’m back with a very popular topic that I know most of you are super curious to know: “What to wear to a garden event?” 

I would say “now that summer is here”, but I can’t really. I live in Belgium. Nonetheless, we do have some beautiful days that give us the impression of summer, and not long ago I was invited to the St. Germain burlesque brunch, which was hold inside a greenhouse in the botanical gardens of Meise. Beautiful scenery, amazing food and beverages, we even had an old bus to carry us from the entrance to the greenhouse. I would say I didn’t quite like the greenhouse effect cause whenever the sun was shining, you felt like you were in flames, cause, after all, it’s a greenhouse. 🙂 Luckily the sun didn’t shine all the way through the event, so it was still breathable.

Anyhow, I would like to focus on the fashionable part of this type of event because having to choose an outfit is always the hardest part. 

First stop, DON’T wear heels! This is a garden event, so a lot of dust, rocks, grass, mud, etc will ruin them and you’ll look like one of those Barbie dolls trying too much. If you cannot retain yourself of wearing heels, you can always choose some kitten heels. Those are still ok. I saw a girl nearly breaking her neck and at the same time “murdering” her Valentino heels. 😦 poor shoes, right?!

Below you have two type of garden events that are most probably popular and what I think would be suitable for them in terms of outfit.

For a garden brunch, I see this look as a super cool one!

The shoes: Schutz 

The necklace: Jacquie Aiche

For those of you who can’t get their feet out of heels, I have a appropriate suggestion seeing that the garden theme is one of a wedding reception/party. With this look you cannot go wrong, and I like that the dress is one you can wear both in daytime and evening.

The dress: DSQUARED2 

The jewelry: Arik Kastan

Really hope you liked my little article on the subject and hope it will help you in deciding what to wear in your future events.





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