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Weekend special

Good morning beauties,

I hope this weekend will bring you joy and relaxation !

This weekend I’m having a special guest on my blog. As you well know, I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years now and this is the man that has been taking all my photos and sharing all my adventures with. It’s not easy having to bare with me throughout photo sessions, depressions etc. It’s quite important to have a person that can stay by your side no matter what.

I must admit, the blogging part never quite interest him, but I think that with my help, he can try maybe this side of the medal and today, he’s trying the other side of the camera!

Of course, it’s in a fashion vibe, so prepare for a cute photoshoot in a royal atmosphere 🙂 Syncing his outfit with mine is always a challenge even when we attend events together.

This time I went for a lovely Givenchy dress with Sergio Rossi heels and he’s wearing his brand new Marvelis sweater that has a V neck and just don’t get me started on the quality .. it’s AMAZING ! is a great online shop for men that has awesome garments at affordable prices. Plus, the delivery is quite quick. I always love mixing these kind of sweaters with shirts underneath so it falls into that posh European look. For more details of what we are wearing, you have as always, the section below 🙂


What I wore:

What he wore:

I really hope you liked this little mix and I’m gonna be back tomorrow with a brand new post in the same style. 🙂

Have a fab Saturday !




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