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Wanderlust S/S16 – Leren Connor

Hello sweeties, 

Just bringing you a small article on a big designer from London, namely Leren Connor. I guess you all know her from a former look I had a while ago. But now she’s back with an amazing collection for the season to come ( S/S’16). And you’ll never guess what’s her inspiration – the very own Romany Gipsy. At least they serve for something, right? In my country there are not very well seen, as well as in other corners of the world, having a very bad reputation. But I’ve always admired their folkloric  culture and clothes, so I can totally understand why she would pick them as a source of inspiration. 🙂

The collection’s name- Wanderlust – perfectly suitable.

And something about the collection:

“A lustful capsule collection drawn and inspired by a bohemian nature, flared with an element of Romany Gypsy through use of shapes, fabrics and colours. Each piece is capsule to another with handmade, recycled and upcycled fabrics and pieces throughout. The use of lace mixed with the tartan fabrics creates a soft style whilst also adding some masculinity to it, you’ll see through the collection a diverse flow of flowers and floral materials, hand embellishments, versatile shapes and a eclectic mix of vintage and modern prints. “

In my vision, all I can think about is “free spirit”, like some beautiful garments all wrapped together to escort you in a great journey, full of adventure and just bonding with nature.

What do you think? 🙂

Designer’s thoughts: 

“As a designer recycling and upcycling is very important to me, I love to source fabric from suppliers but the nature of creating and giving something a new lease of life, is my go to thing. This collection was a great way to really show my audience and customers just how much upcycling and recycling we do, each piece has been handmade or hand customised with fabrics that have come from local fabric suppliers, charity shops and recycling centers. The nature of the collection was to create something capsule that drew on old life styles, old fabrics mixed with a modern day twist that portrays how far a traditional style has come. Taking a Bohemian route complimented my inspiration from Romany Gypsy’s, which resulted in a beautiful mix of fabrics, prints shapes, femininity, masculinity and style. “

We feel the same bohemian vibe when we look at your collection, Leren ! 

Keep on being amazing at your job ❤

Stay tuned for more…




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