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Vienna. Austria.

Hi, guys!

I thought that once a week I’d post something more captivating and in a way, more interesting for those who like traveling like myself. Since I’ve been visiting a lot these past few months, I believe it’s time to share with you guys my experiences from around Europe and not only.

So, I’ll start with the first city I’ve visited since I left Brussels this summer, at the end of July.

In the lights today, we have the city of Vienna, also capital of Austria. A marvelous, clean and not to mention imposing city through its big luminous buildings. 

I only stood a night in Vienna, checking-in at Hotel Zeitgeist which is a new hotel that I totally recommend. It has a sauna that’s included in your room price ( btw the rooms are not that expensive). 

So, mainly I went sightseeing at night. I know that maybe I didn’t had the opportunity to really get into the heart of the city and really study it, but I was happy that at least I could experience a little the Austrian air :).

I passed by many tourist attractions, the one worth mentioning is the Schönbrunn Palace which I found irresistible with its grandeur and amazing Rocco architecture. A truly amazing piece of history. 

What can I say? My visit in Vienna was short, but very nice. Although I was a little tired from the long road, I’ve managed to enjoy myself in the capital of Austria.

And now for the fashionable part of today’s post, here’s what I wore there:

What I wore:

– Mango dress, bag and bracelet

I do apologize for the low quality photos, but I did them with my old camera.

Thank you for visiting my blog and don’t forget to follow me social so you can stay updated ^^


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