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Hey beauties,

Hope your weekend is going well! I was actually starting to write this post and I fell asleep 😪. I’ve been working so much lately that sleep has become literally an option. But anyway, I think if you weren’t born super rich (or just don’t give a damn), these are the years you have to work the most. These are the years were you define yourself as an individual. I’m so lucky to have be born free and in this era where women are empowered to follow their dreams and their ambitions ! 

I know I spoke to you before about Unbound and their goal of empowering women to be themselves, to be wild and untamed.

Well, as I had a lot of requests of my Cossabella bra I thought I should make a little present and get you 30% off the store 😀 – yey – so you can use this code while checking out – RUXANDRA30 ! 

I had some special plans for my bra and used it for a studio shooting made by the talented André Paape . Also, I would like to thank make-up artist Alessio Rossi  for making me look so glam 💋

And don’t forget to check out The Delta Box  as well, you’ll have 20% off with this code: deltaboxbb

Enjoy your shopping!

See ya very soon!



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