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Triangl – White noise

Hi guys,

I’ve just came in from a long day of sun, sea, sand – one word- summer ! I’m super happy that I had the chance to spend some quality time with my friends and of course, in such a terrific place like Palma de Mallorca. 

But I couldn’t leave you all to imagine what bathing suit I choose for today ! 😀

Curious? Well, obviously Triangl. My “life-long” pal 😛 . There is no summer without a Triangl look now, is there? 😉

The Australian company has some really new designs ever since I’ve last “worn them”.

I’ll let you “savor” this one, while I savor a Pina Colada. ^^

What I wore:

– Triangl Milly Indiana Ice swimsuit ( find it here)

– I Am sunglasses

So, hope you like the shoots, the swimming suit and of course, the beautiful landscape 😀

I’m gonna go back to my friends now – taking advantage of the last night.




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