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Triangl bikini in Abu Dhabi

Hello, my dears!

Yes, it’s true, I’m in Abu Dhabi now until Saturday. What can I say? It’s fantastic here… tomorrow I’m gonna hit the town as well. I’m staying at Al Raha Beach Hotel, which it pretty good! Not living the whole private butler and Rolls Royce limo like Carrie in Sex& The City 2, but still it’s pretty awesome.

But today’s post isn’t about Abu Dhabi, today’s post is about swimwear. To be more exact, what I’m wearing here at the pool and beach area. My lovely bikini this time is from Triangl, an australian label who does quality swimwear. I personally believe that a swimsuit should not be just something pretty, but a quality clothing garment. So, this is what Triangl does: quality stuff, but at the same time fashionable.

Just see for yourself 🙂

What I wore:

– Zara sunnies

– Triangl bikini ( find it here )

My swimsuit came with a cool bag (see it in the first photo) made from the same material as the suit, along with instructions on how to care for it. I find the cute backpack really handy as I tend to carry a lot of stuff with me. So, yeah, thumbs up Triangl for such a quality bikini and delightful service!

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