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Today is the day

Hi sweeties,

How are you this Thursday ?

I spent yesterday locked up at home, studying cause today is the day – today I have my management exam and I’m suuuper nervous 😦 I feel it’s crazy we still have to pass an exam this difficult and trust me, the course was super long and went very deep into detail of accountancy etc… it should be optional so you should learn it for yourself, but the course itself shouldn’t have to be longer than 20 pages honestly … This course was more than 200 pages of extremed detailed stuff that it will not come in handy afterwards as I’m not a big company lol. But yeah, thank you Brussels, for still having an examn no one wants or needs while the Flemish region has abolished this nonsense . It’s like studying and paying again (for the exam registration) in order to pay again taxes to the state.

Anyhow, since my last post was awhile back, I figured I should be glamorously coming back to the online life with a fab new look ! I’m wearing this fab dress from SheIn which is so dashing, especially for someone with more bust 😉 .

And don’t forget to get 10% off your order at SheIn with my code: Q2rux10 – available for any purchase over 65€.

Also, a big thank you to Instant Beauté for the make-up I have on 🙂

photo 2

What I wore:

  1. SheIn dress

  2. Asos shoes and bag

Hope you like the look. Gotta go and study a little bit more before parting 🙂



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