This last Fall..

It’s official, we’re in December, first month of Winter, last month of the year… So many things to do, so many gifts to wrap, so many shopping lists to do and so little time!

As you are reading this, hopefully I made it to Cape Verde and I promise that as soon as I find some WIFI, I’ll certainly post pictures and updates, so make sure to follow me social ( Instagram especially!) 

Today I have a really cute outfit that actually screams FALL! Yeah, I know it’s winter in most of Europe, but here it’s still fall.. I wore it when going to pick up my mom from the airport, so I made comfort as the main key to this outfit. 🙂

What I wore:

– Zara boots

– Pimkie jumper

– Zara scarf

– Mango bag

– Zara scarf

– Mango necklace

Hope you like the outfit and I just can’t wait to see your comments ^^

Some news from Romwe:

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