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The vintage side

Hi, guys!

Oh finally I have some time for myself, but more important for my blog, for you, my lovely readers. 

I’ve “disappeared” a little bit these past few days because it was awfully cold outside and although the sun was shining, this cold wind was horrible. It’s like that post from Facebook – “Why do I have to live in a country where the wind hurts my face?”. Well, luckily it’s not every day…

Anyway, the good part of today’s post is that I’ve managed to put together this vintage, yet super chic outfit with a modern twist from clothes I already had lying around my closet… I really hope you do like my look!

What I wore:

–Zara pants

– D&G shirt

– Mango blazer

– Blanco clutch

– Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes

So, how do you like the look? I thought I’d try something more interesting with the hair. Hope you like it ^^

Thank you for visiting my blog and I can’t wait to “read” you in the comment box below




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