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The SALES !!

Happy New Year and Happy Sales ! 🙂  As you all know,the seasonal reductions have began and I just love this period as I like good deals !  I’m gonna share a little of what I got today..I was all day in the city and I didn’t even manage to complete the hole stores tour!

  Just love all the things at discount! I was very disappointed by Forever 21 thinking that they must have a lot of great reductions and when I walked into the store there were some things in discount,but not good stuff…so I cleared the shop very sad..  Anyway..Forever 21 is a new store in my town so I didn’t actually knew their policy when it comes to the reduction period.Probably they have later on great deals! They do have a lot of stuff at great prices as it is,but today I was very concentrated in getting nice things at super prices!I believe that’s the purpose of reductions – allowing someone to shop great bargains !

  So anyway ,continuing my shopping tour,I went to one of my old favorite stores – Bershka!!It was madness inside,as usual..but I did get some nice things! I always looked for a “Mary Jane” Pump,but I didn’t find one so I went for an ankle strap pump instead! I know that they name usually shoes that have an ankle strap “Mary Jane(s)”,but if you look at the comic character from witch these shoes took the name,you’ll see that the strap is across the instep. The one the character has are with no heel at all ,but in the Lolita fashion, these babies go with high heels! 

 Found this one in Bershka .The shoe is comfortable and I believe it’s a nice color too!

 I especially like the shinny heel..a great deal for 29€ ,a shoe with a personality ! 🙂  Next on my list is this over sized bracelet that it definitely caught my eye! 

 The pink in more pale in goes so well with the gold ..great deal for just 4€ at New Look!  Here is another one that I also liked..I bought so many bracelets today.. but you just could not stand aside from all those great deals!

  This is a flower raisin bangle set at also 2€..great prices,I know! I wanted to buy different types of bracelets as I saw they will be very in trend this spring..I saw some at Mango too.  And of course you cannot do a complete shopping experience without some lovely scarfs !

 This one goes perfectly with my shoes ..and also other jackets and trousers that I picked up.. We all love dots… – at just 2€!!- also from New Look.

The chain print on the scarf reminded me of the same print used on the Chanel scarfs..really cute and affordable! We don’t have to actually copy everything,but it’s nice from now till then to have a garment on our outfit that gives it a famous designer’s touch!  And now I’ll show you something that at first I didn’t liked as much ,but it crawled into my heart with time! – Shoulder bags with this particular design!

 This one is more brown that look in the picture.The inside of the bag has animal print and it’s quite spacious! You can wear it as a shoulder bag or as a handbag,as I intend!

 I always liked python printed bags and shoes..this bag is really nicely designed ,I just love the way they made the strap with chain details! Also for 12€! Designers have done a lot of python printed garments and now I think more then ever that this particularly print will replace the leopard print this spring!

 I have all so more to show you..but in another post !   Don’t forget to check out the deals on the right on the page!maybe you’ll find something interesting!  Happy shopping!! ♥ R.

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