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The new season

Hello my lovely readers, 

Looks like the weather in Brussels has finally come to its senses. I can now say that Spring is in the air. All this makes me want to check out the new spring/summer collections in stores, cause until now, I could barely look at a tank-top and not get cold chills up my spine. It’s true, that is what Belgium weather can do to you.

Sometimes, I do prefer to go online shopping. That way you can be sure that not so many people have the same shoes or clothes as you. It’s a small city, trust me, you’ll be better off having something more exclusive, more unique. I fell so nice when someone compliments my clothes, oh, you just can’t imagine.

Although there are a wide variety of online boutiques out there, I do have a few favorites I like to go back at from time to time. Asos is one of them, with all that clothing and the choices you have. Like WAW, I’m always so pleased and happy to buy from them. 

Another one I recommend is Simons, which not only hold women’s and men’s wear, it also has things for your home and not to mention my fave, the designer section. Chicwish has also really cute and affordable clothes that I find quite lovely.

I wanted just to name a few top stores that I recommend and find really attractive. I hope so do you.

Well, in other words, people, stay fabulous and try to have really unique things if you’re looking to be out of the ordinary! Don’t be boring 🙂

I really do hope you enjoyed my little article and I’ll “see” you all in my next ootd. Hopefully, a “not-boring” one!




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